Auto Accident Injuries

Rear-end car accident, neck pain, back pain, immediate care

When happens to my body in a car accident?

The larger muscles in the body "guard" to protect you from more serious injuries causing extreme tightness and/or spasms.  Smaller muscles turn off, producing weakness and feelings of tiredness.  As a result, pain is experienced even when trying to perform everyday regular activities. 

When should I seek treatment?

It is recommended that you see your doctor immediately to be evaluated.  At that time, if the doctor clears you from more serious injury (i.e. fracture, ligament instability), you should begin Physical Therapy right away.  Delaying treatment will allow the muscles to further tighten and spasm with contribution from psychological factors such as frustration, anxiety, and in some cases post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  The sooner you can receive treatment to offset this muscle guarding, the sooner your body will heal. 

What does treatment look like following a car accident?

We provide soft tissue mobilization and muscle energy techniques to decrease muscle spasms and restore normal muscle length.  Passive range of motion is also introduced with modalities (i.e. ice, heat, electrical stimulation).  Once pain is reduced and managed, light progressive resistance exercises are started.  We will manage progressions to ensure proper healing and restoration of strength.

Who pays for medical bills after a car accident?

If you have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or Medical Payments (Med Pay) coverage, your auto insurance will pay for medical bills.  Either of these is considered primary sources of medical insurance which means it needs to be exhausted before utilizing your health insurance.  

If you do not have either PIP or MedPay, then your health insurance can be used (subject to normal deductibles, copays, and co-insurances).  If a 3rd party is responsible for the collision, their insurance company will typically reimburse your auto insurance or health insurance when the case settles.  

Should I hire a personal injury lawyer?

If you are injured in a car accident, a personal injury lawyer is recommended.  They are a great resource to have because they can potentially save you hours from having to request medical records, review police reports and medical charts, and communicate with various insurance adjusters.  Most personal injury lawyers work on a "contingency" which means they are only paid if your case wins a settlement.