Mission Statement


Physical Therapy Dynamix offers Mobile Physical Therapy, a unique healthcare experience to patients in the Puget Sound region. We make accessing healthcare and wellness easy and convenient by providing the option of directly treating you in the convenience of your home, office or gym.  You are guaranteed to work directly 1-on-1 with our therapists in each session where our goal is to provide enjoyable, honest service by satisfying individual patient musculoskeletal needs.  We do this by using a combined manual therapy skills and exercise prescription approach.  

We also believe it is important to provide quality healthcare with the lowest overhead costs possible.  Dr. Patrick, owner of Physical Therapy Dynamix, has had exposure to Six Sigma lean principles which helped him realize a traditional brick and mortar medical facility is a major cause for the rising cost of healthcare. While most medical providers are double booked with patients and see 16-25 patients per day, our approach allows us to see no more than 8 patients per day.   This allows us to work directly with every one of our patients throughout their rehabilitation process.