Mobile Physical Therapy

In today's healthcare system, providers across the nation are pressured into working long hours while seeing multiple patients at a time.  Healthcare costs are going up, while your time with your doctors are going down.  Simple mistakes in both administrative tasks and patient care are proving costly to both the lives of patients and providers alike.  The answer to this growing epidemic:  Mobile Physical Therapy!  Dr. Patrick is a one-of-a-kind provider who combines new age technology with returning to the way doctors used to provide care:  "house calls".  He is able to provide treatment in the convenience of your home, office or gym!



Avoid Traffic


No need to travel to your appointment.  You can receive the treatment you deserve in the comfort of your own home, or conveniently at your office or gym.  

Save Time & Money


Leaving work early, securing child care, driving to and from a facility can all cost extra time and money.  Not anymore when you call Dr. Patrick, because he comes directly to you!

Individualized Care


Dr. Patrick sees all his patients for 60-75 minutes on a 1-on-1 basis.  Unlike other practices, you will see Dr. Patrick from the start of your care until you reach all your goals. 

Lower Overhead Costs


Besides providing Mobile PT services, Dr. Patrick treats patients at his home (case-by-case basis and dependent on insurance company regulations).  By not having a true brick and mortar facility, he has found a way to provide Physical Therapy at the lowest cost possible.  

No Provider "Burnout"


Lower overhead means patient care decisions are being made in your best interest every single time. Dr. Patrick sees no more than 8 patients a day, usually averaging 5 per day.  Cutting a typical PT's workload by more than 60%, he has more time, energy, and commitment to your individualized care. 

Community Development


PT Dynamix is only as strong as the members of its community.  While on the road, Dr. Patrick makes a conscious effort to support local businesses, participate in community events, and find ways of connecting members of the surrounding area.