Sports Therapy


Understanding Sports Injuries

Sport injuries occur even in the most conditioned, professional athlete. Repetitive stress and lack of cross training give rise to injuries that slowly come on but still greatly reduce optimal performance. Traumatic injuries threaten a person’s capacity to play the sport(s) they love. Injuries very often lead to anxiety, decrease in confidence, and altered body mechanics which can affect the timetable to recover fully.


Treatment for Sport Injuries

Dr. Patrick provides sport-specific physical therapy for high school athletes, competitive/recreational weightlifters and runners, and weekend warriors that is no different than what MLB, NFL, or NBA players receive. He has provided care for athletes who have played (or gone on to play) for:

  • Bellevue College, women's soccer
  • University of Washington, basketball
  • Washington State University, football and baseball
  • Seattle University, volleyball 
  • CageSport MMA, competitive mixed martial arts
  • Seattle Thunderbirds, hockey
  • Seattle Mixtape, Ultimate Frisbee 
  • Highline Community College, softball & basketball 

Each patient/athlete seeking sports therapy will have a tailored, sport specific program. Dr. Patrick creates these programs himself which include manual therapy, biomechanical analysis, and dynamic exercises which address 3 dimensional balance, proprioception, strength and mobility. Uniquely, he brings his past experiences as an athlete to empathize and build confidence in his patients who often find their performance levels to be better than their pre-injury status.